J. P. Aguilera

Vienna University of Technology,

Institute of Discrete Mathematics and Geometry,

Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8–10,

1040 Vienna, Austria.

Email: surname at logic.at

Research Interests: mathematical logic, set theory, proof theory.

Some articles

  • Sigma-Projective Determinacy. [pdf]
  • Determinate Logic and the Axiom of Choice. [pdf]
  • (with David Fernández-Duque) Verification Logic.
    J. Log. Comput., 2017. [link] 
  • (with Matthias Baaz) Unsound Inferences Make Proofs Shorter.
    To appear in J. Symbolic Logic. [pdf]
  • (with Levent Ülkü) On the Maximization of Menu-Dependent Interval Orders.
    S. Choice Welf., 2017. [link]
  • (with David Fernández-Duque) Strong Completeness of Provability Logic for Ordinal Spaces.
    J. Symbolic Logic, 2017. [arxiv]


Fall 2018. Seminar in Mathematical Logic (co-organized with Jan Bydžovský)

Spring 2018. Ordinal Analysis and Consistency Proofs.